All about Employee Retention

You can’t stop your employees from having thoughts of leaving. But what if due to his talent and skills, you can’t afford to lose him? How can you make him stay?

This is when employee retention comes in.

Employee Retention Defined

referenceforbusiness-imgEmployee retention refers to those policies and practices companies implement to avoid their valuable employees from resigning and leaving their jobs. Retention of employees has become a very critical topic, and keeping valuable staff is one of the major struggles that a company faces.

Before, it’s just okay for companies to implement the ‘revolving door’ policy wherein employees just come and go – these companies don’t mind having a vacant position; after all, there’s another eager candidate willing to fill the gap.

The policy would have been good, however businesses realize that they would have to spend time, money and energy in training a candidate, polishing him and honing his skills… only for him to become a valuable commodity that’s leaving and searching for greener pastures.

To create a successful venture, companies should be open to different options with regard to keeping their employees; at the same time they should also be thinking of ways to keep their trust and loyalty to lessen their chances of leaving.

Why Make Them Stay?

An employee wants to leave. Why won’t you let him? Why make him stay?

A company should understand that their employees are their best commodity. Without capable employees who are good at their tasks, a company will be in really serious trouble. Employee retention saves businesses money in the long run.

To replace lost talent, you have to spend 70 to 200% of the said employees’ yearly salary – this includes the recruiting and advertising expenses, as well as the new hire’s orientation and training. The productivity is also decreased until the new employee adapts and is up to speed. To add, employees who had been loyal to the employee who left might resign as well.

Looking for the best employees, hiring them and giving them the proper training will serve as an investment for the company. Once the company hired talented people, the company expects that their investment be returned by eliminating opportunities for these people to leave and walk out.

Why do employees leave?

What causes employees to leave?

  • Younger employees desire career growth
  • Management doesn’t know how to motivate their employees
  • Work environment is not at par with other companies of the same field
  • The economy is rising, hence better opportunities arise
  • Latest technology (e.g. LinkedIn) makes it easier for people to look for a different job

An employee can always find ways to look for a new job if he or she’s no longer happy. What companies can do, in return, is to make sure their employees are satisfied enough not to go astray.

How do you fix these attrition issues?

When people leave, it’s the management that’s immediately blamed. People say that when employees leave, it’s not the company they leave, but the manager. Well, yes, there’s some truth to this – after all, you don’t want to stay with a manager that’s uncaring and difficult.

In any event, businesses will have to accept that employees will choose to part ways with the company at some point. There are strategies that can be implemented to stop the trend, but in reality, you can’t stop it completely. All the company can do is to build on its strengths and improve its weaknesses to help hire and retain the best employees, as well as maintain their image to ensure everyone’s loyalty.

High Quality Golf Clubs – Features and Choices

Without golf clubs, there will be no golfer. Golfers must choose the clubs that will most suit them and their playing styles. For better results and golfing experience, each golf club can be customized to the player’s preference. Golf equipment manufacturers, like Callaway Golf, give golfers a chance to customize their clubs, all for a better playing experience and greater comfort.

There are different types of golf clubs that a golfer can choose from, depending on how forgiving the golfer wants his club to be, or how fast he wants the ball to go when hit.

The leading golf equipment manufacturers, such as Callaway Golf, would often make their golf clubs using lightweight, yet durable materials. It’s important to choose golf clubs that will be comfortable to the hand and easy to carry, but at the same time provide good performance.

The finest golf clubs come with these features:

• Modern soleplate design, updated in order to achieve a versatile fairway wood.

• Lightweight (the lightest being 290 grams) yet durable, and will help the player achieve a faster speed in the ball. The light and easy-to-handle club results in faster speeds and longer distances.

• Increased launch angle so that when the ball is hit, it can easily be seen at the preferred distance, given that the clubface is the focus of the impact.

• Optimized speed technology. With an aerodynamic, lightweight design on the club head and shaft, along with proper force when hitting the ball, there will be greater distance and superior ball speed. The distance of the ball once hit will be more consistent as well. The faster the speed of the ball, the greater the distance it will have.

• In order to increase forgiveness, some golf clubs have a hollow body construction in traditional iron shape. It helps the player gain confidence with each shot.

• The soles of the clubs are weighted for a smoother hit and a smoother launch, lowering the center of gravity with each hit. Forgiveness is acquired with this feature of high quality golf clubs.

• Some golf clubs have a forged face cup design, a design that helps in creating high ball speeds at the player’s desired distance. This design can also be found in the other fairway woods and hybrids.

• Straighter leaning edge with a heel/toe relief.

• Most clubs are made from carbon steel material, giving off a softer feel. To reduce glare, clubs are mostly made of chrome, or they can have a pre-oxidized finish, which gives the clubs a richer look.

• For more spin out of the rough, high-quality golf clubs have thirty-nine percent more grooves.

Callaway GolfGolfers also have the chance to customize their golf clubs prior to purchase. Many golfing equipment makers, including Callaway Golf, have customization panels on their websites, enabling golf players to choose from different features that would suit their preferences.

In such customization panels, the player can confirm if he is male and right handed, or male and left handed. The procedure is roughly the same for women. Players can also select their preferred loft and shaft flex. In addition to the features listed above, customizing a golf club will help the player gain more confidence and control of his game.

Companies like Callaway Golf offer a lot of customization features to ensure that the golfer will get his money’s worth. Do remember though, that golf clubs come in different basic types, each with its own special feature. Hybrid clubs are much more suited for beginners, because this kind is specially made to provide flexibility. Other types of clubs are drivers, wedges, iron and combo sets, and fairway woods.

Pick the golf club that will suit your play style the most.

Chat Service: Tips on How to Exceed a Customer’s Satisfaction

Chat services in online websites are already a great convenience to clients. Being a quick and easy service, clients need not worry over the hassle of having to dial a few numbers and being put on hold. A chat service enables casual interaction between client and agent in a way that is comfortable for clients. Conversations made from online chatting are important as they can attract more customers in availing the company’s services or buying their products. Because of this, chat agents are required to be equipped with additional skills in order to bring better service for the gratification of their customers. There are many ways possible to make the chat experience more memorable for clients. Explained in this article are a few tips on how to increase a customer’s satisfaction during a chat session.

Chiefly, chat sessions must be started using a friendly tone. Making the conversation personal by introducing one’s self is an important action when operating a chat service. This allows the client to address the operator properly and also allows them to feel at ease in knowing that behind the conversation is an actual person ready to assist in any way possible.

chat serviceChat agents are expected to maintain a pleasant tone in their conversations, while at the same time, sounding knowledgeable and professional. It is important to confidently answer the client’s inquiries by being prepared with background knowledge on the company’s services or products. Responses should be quick and concise so as not to keep the customer waiting as providing quick responses is what chat services are known for. Avoid giving responses that sound automated as this diminishes the quality of giving personalized customer care. Clients appreciate it when they feel like being given special attention that is not shared with others.

Secondly, it pays to know the customer. Knowing the customer helps the agent define which areas the client would need help or would possibly be interested in. A good move would be to ask the client of his interest and preferences in the company’s services and how they plan to utilize it. If the client is a returning customer, ask what products the client has previously tried and if he or she was satisfied in it. Fishing for possible problems or inquiries without having the client ask for it is a plus point as it oversees customer service and sends a message of concern to the client.

Another helpful tip for chat service agents is to continuously aim for improvement. No matter how satisfied customers may seem, there is always room for improvement when it comes to providing the best customer service to the clients. Keeping a record of one’s past chat conversations may be extremely helpful. This can serve as feedback for other future inquiries and may also be a tool for improvement when looked back on and reviewed. If clients seem to constantly be complaining about the same thing, agents can look back on previous chat records to see possible deficiencies in the company’s product or service. Problems obtained from chats can be endorsed to higher management for solutions. After proper solution to such common problems, client follow up is also advised in order to show the client that efforts were made to fix their problems. This measure of showing clients that the company cares is great for possibly meeting loyal customers.

Customer service is very important in keeping a business up to par. To lift a customer’s satisfaction particularly in chat service, the tips mentioned above will greatly benefit chat agents. In an industry where the customer’s contentment is crucial, certain measures such as the following must be kept in mind.

How to Tell if Your SEO Company is Using Black Hat Techniques?

How can you tell if the SEO Company you hired is using black hat techniques? And, more importantly, why does it matter? Black hat SEO, and its counterpart white hat SEO, are terms used to describe the techniques that an SEO company uses when optimizing a client’s site.

SEOWhite hat SEO involves following the rules and guidelines as set forth by the search engine, as well as ensuring that what the user sees and what the search engine sees are the same thing. Black hat SEO involves aggressive tactics that try to deceive the search engine into ranking a website higher.

Black hat techniques are often very effective at getting a site ranked highly within a short amount of time, so why should you care if your SEO Company is using black hat techniques?

Search engines publish rules and guidelines for a reason They want to ensure they are giving the user the most relevant results possible, otherwise that user might start going to another, more effective, search engine. Black hat techniques interfere with this process, filling the search results with irrelevant sites and spam. Because of this, search engines actively try to minimize the effects of black hat techniques by constantly updating their algorithms to eliminate these sites from their results.

Black hat techniques are only effective in the short term. It’s true that a site may rise in the rankings quickly using these techniques. However, when the search engine discovers the use of these techniques, they will punish the site by either lowering it in the rankings or outright banning it from the search altogether.

Black hat techniques are geared toward search engines, not humans. This results in a bad experience for anyone who visits the site. And isn’t the purpose of high rankings to attract more human traffic to a site? That won’t do much good if the user can’t navigate or even read the site due to the black hat techniques that were employed.

How can you tell if your SEO Company is using these black hat techniques? Look for these common tricks and tactics that are considered black hat:

Hidden or “Invisible” Text: This involves filling the page with hidden text, often just a keyword repeated over and over, by setting the color of the text to perfectly match that of the background.

Keyword Stuffing: This is when an SEO company or webmaster stuffs their content with a keyword so many times it becomes nearly unreadable to the user. This is not the same as the white hat technique of using keyword research to create content. The principles are the same, but you will be able to tell the difference by the readability of your content. Does it read like it was written for a human (white hat)? Or are the keywords placed out of context (disrupting what would otherwise be a normal sentence), repeated so often they take over the page, or all shoved together at the bottom of the content in a small font size (black hat)?

If you want to create a long term investment when optimizing your site, keep your eyes open for these tactics and help your site avoid being penalized or even banned by the search engines.